Stephen Tuomala
Stephen Tuomala is a visual artist living/working in Pittsburgh. He has shown extensively in Pittsburgh and in group shows in New York, Philadelphia and Wilmington, DE. Tuomala’s art is currently focused on distressed figures and landscapes inspired by media images of executions, historic tragedies, medical imaging, crime scenes, and war. The emphasis of his work is on the bodies’ gestures and the stories they tell to establish a greater connection between death imagery and life. These ink drawing installations on book paper from the 1800s range in size from 5 by 8 inches to 12 by 20 feet. Other portions of Tuomala's body of work address the tension between figures and objects using the visual dialogue of color, line and tone to create context, emotion and structure within a visual space painted from life of figures in interior spaces.

Fe Gallery
A Permanent Gesture
February 1 - March 3, 2013
Opening Reception:
February 1st 7-11pm

Artist talk @ Fe Gallery
February 21st 7-830pm